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Epic Wins & Inspiring Journeys: The Progression Team’s 2023 Story

2023 at Progression was all about crushing goals, chasing dreams, and celebrating life’s incredible adventures. Our team, a powerhouse of passion and grit, conquered mountains (both literal and metaphorical), built sandcastles of joy, and redefined the limits of human endurance. Buckle up, because we’re shining the spotlight on some of their epic wins:

Phi, our skilled facilitator, traded workshops for workouts in 2023. He tackled a half marathon, proving life’s adventures aren’t just for clients. His victory wasn’t just miles, it was pushing past limits, showing guides can conquer their own challenges. So raise a glass to Phi, the reminder that the most rewarding expeditions are often within ourselves

For Pum, 2023 was all about cherishing loved ones and making a difference. From epic family adventures to embarking on a life-changing sustainability trip.

“It was a trip that opened up so many new experiences for my daughter,” Pum said. “I really want to take her on other adventures when I still have time and energy. This trip brought so much joy to everyone – my daughter, my husband, and even my mother who came along. It made me realize that when you put your heart into something and it goes well, the tiredness melts away. Seeing my loved ones happy is all the reward I need.”

Ooan: Scaled a 7c beast in France, proving fatherhood fuels, not halts, climbing dreams. Grit and fingertip precision – Ooan’s got it all

In his own words, Ooan said:

"This route was a project that I had been trying to climb for over 20 times. It was another difficult route in France that I was really determined to succeed. After Marcel was born, there were many times when I thought that my climbing career was over. I had the responsibility of taking care of a child, and I thought that it would be difficult to find time to go climbing or practice. But I was wrong. What I was telling myself at that time was just an excuse for me not to do it. It wasn't because I had a child. Having a child made me think about how I could find a way to practice and climb my goal routes while causing as little inconvenience as possible for my family. It might take longer than before, and I might need more patience, but if I was determined to do it, I could make it happen."

Mario, the ultra-machine: 100 kilometers of Pong Yeang Trail, devoured. Sleep who? Mario redefines human limits, one Thai mountain at a time.

These are just a few of the incredible stories that make up the Progression team’s 2023 tapestry. We’re so proud of each and every one of our staff members for their unique achievements and the way they inspire us all to chase our dreams, big or small. Here’s to an even more epic 2024, filled with more goals crushed, adventures had, and memories made!

What about you? What were your personal highlights of 2023? Share your stories in the comments below, and let’s celebrate each other’s wins!

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