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Sterling Rope is the leading manufacturer of life safety rope, cord, and hardware. Made in the USA, Sterling has worked very hard to develop the best product for use in climbing, rope rescue, arbor, guiding, industrial safety, work access and OEM markets. Product development is the core of Sterling Rope. R&D, engineering and quality control are scrutinized at every juncture to ensure compliance with standards throughout the world, including NFPA, ISO and EN.

Sterling Rope is also one of the few companies that still believes in personally hand-checking all product before it is bagged and shipped. Each rope, no matter the diameter or length, runs through the hands of a real person to ensure that it meets the high standards of Sterling Rope. Sterling Rope products include ropes and cordage for safety and rescue applications and outdoor recreation; including dynamic, static, canyon, and water ropes, as well as cord products, webbing and slings, hardware and accessories.

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