Bolt Products

V-Chainset Anchor with Wiregate Karabiner

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Price for 6mm/8mm bolt hangers as for 6mm/8mm bolts. Please specify the bolt length required for glue-ins -all same price to 150mm or hole dia for hangers. These use 10/12mm rod stainless steel wiregate karabiners. Normal gate karabiners which are effectively hanging upside down and resting on the cliff get jammed with water-borne debris in heavy rain, for this reason we only use wiregates.

For safety we strongly recommend the dual karabiner setup to reduce the chance of unclipping but some customers prefer single. Single karabiners should never be used for top-roping.

Breaking Strain-Min 30kN Chain AISI 316 (A4)

Stainless Steel Ring & bolts AISI 304 (A2) or AISI 316 Stainless Steel EN959.